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Fluffylives 2021 Content Creation Roadmap

Hello everyone, this is a new and exciting adventure for me as a creator. As the year goes on I will be striving to reach a few goals. Listed below are some things you can expect from me this year.

  • YouTube Content: Moving forward my YouTube channel is going to be more refined and polished. What this means is as I get used to the writing filming and editing process videos will come out less frequently. However, they will be of higher quality than what has been published so far. The content is going to cover a range of streamer topics in a well-thought-out and executed way.

  • Twitch Streams: You may have already noticed a reduction in hours streamed of late. Everything is 100% ok over here but, YouTube is time-consuming. Until I have enough overhead to hire an editor that's all on me and Twitch time is going to be cut back a bit. Saturday will remain the only scheduled day with the stream starting at 11:00 PM EDT/EST.

I am excited about the direction of everything and am so very thankful for all of your support along the way.

Much Love,


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